I’m trying!

So then, I let my domain expire and now there’s some squatter trying to sell it back to me for two grand. Man, if I had two grand I’d be taking my kids to Disneyland right now.

So this is my new, somewhat less obvious website, where I shall attempt to convince the world and everyone who wants to hire a writer that I am awesome, and I’m your gal.

I don’t have a ton of clips yet, but I’m trying. I can tell you that I am entering year two of the Masters in Science Writing program at Johns Hopkins, and I will post all my published work here as it becomes available.

I can also tell you that I’ve written for Air & Space/Smithsonian, E! The Environmental, and a few local publications. This was before marriage and kids. In my current life, I’ve written for Digital Photo Secrets, iPhone Photography School, and Grunge.com. I’m a great researcher, I have a unique voice, and I always produce quality work. Also, I’m totally on board with staying up until 2am to meet a deadline. I’m usually up that late anyway because these danged kids won’t leave me alone.

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